Global Partners in Education

Integrate a New York Experience Into Your Graduate Degree Program


Collaborate with NYU Law’s Institute for Executive Education and inspire your students to think beyond the silos of their discipline and gain fluency across the domains of business, law, policy, and strategy.

Through our university partnership process, design practical training for your students with relevant content that draws upon NYU Law’s faculty expertise.  Integrate innovative legal programs into your graduate degrees with intensive or modularized formats.

Supplement your graduate tax or law degrees with a one-week program covering the essentials of US international tax law.

Entrepreneurs pursuing graduate business degrees should learn about the intersection of business and law for startups, while aspiring management students need to know how to navigate cybersecurity in the context of law, business, and policy.

Graduate students pursuing life sciences or engineering degrees can benefit from knowing how to strategically deploy intellectual property law from a global perspective.

Learn how you can complement your curriculum and deliver a custom New York based learning experience for top students seeking to gain a broader perspective across borders and academic domains. Contact our team through the inquiry form on the sidebar and indicate your interest in developing a module with the Institute for Executive Education.