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Essentials of Intellectual Property Law: Strategizing Your IP from a Global Perspective

This program will introduce key aspects of US intellectual property law and will provide the tools necessary to developing and implementing an effective intellectual property strategy for global businesses. Instruction will include interactive discussions and hands-on analyses of US intellectual property including patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, rights of publicity, and IP issues in social media, and discussion of recent judicial decisions and enforcement proceedings.

Take this actual cross-border example: A promising anti-cancer drug is developed by a small Japanese firm, licensed by a US giant, and manufactured in Italy for worldwide distribution. How many legal protections are needed, what kinds, and at what levels in the development chain? Drugs can be patent-protected, or they can be protected as trade secrets—and in some cases, both, at different stages of the development and manufacturing process. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy? How does the strategy you choose play out in the US and internationally? What, if any, are the legal implications of the relationship between your firm’s scientists and the academic laboratory? When does the development of a new drug cross the line between research at a university and R&D in your company? How does IP law come into play with open source drug discovery initiatives?

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Sample Topics

Each program can be customized for content, format, and delivery. Below are a few indicative topics that could be included in the schedule:

  • Current Issues in US Trademark Law
  • Navigating Innovation in Patent-Intensive Technologies
  • Evaluating the Strength of a US Copyright

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