Programs for Organizations

Custom programs allow organizations such as law firms, universities, corporations, NGOs, and government entities to create high-level, specialized training for their professionals. These programs are uniquely tailored to the needs of each client.

Illustrative Programs for Organizations

Corporate Law and Governance

Essentials of Business Law: US Corporate Law and Governance for the Global Practitioner

Experienced global practitioners need to be familiar with an evolving universe of legal rules and regulations, judicial precedent, and business practices. Understanding key aspects of the US legislative, political, and judicial environment is critical, especially if your company or client is involved in merger activity and other corporate transactions with US firms. Learn to operate successfully on the same playing field as your US counterparts and enhance your value to your client or organization. Read More >

Criminal Law

Criminal Trial Advocacy Program

The U.S. criminal justice system is a model around the world because of the protections it affords defendants to ensure that they receive a fair trial, in acknowledgment of the tremendous imbalance of power when a state brings charges. Its central concept of the presumption of innocence along with coordination among systems of law enforcement, courts, and correctional agencies are aimed at protecting individuals and the community. Read More >

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

The NYU Law Center for Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging partners with organizations on paradigm-shifting work to build inclusive leadership capabilities. Inclusive leadership is not the sole province of CEOs and senior leaders. It is a mindset and a suite of behaviors that can be carried out every day by individuals at all levels of an organization. Read More >


Essentials of Business and Law for Entrepreneurs: Ideas Empowered by Law

Creating a successful new business requires navigating a broad range of legal issues. Starting out, few entrepreneurs can imagine the number of legal pitfalls that can emerge. Lawyers and consultants are critical advisors, but few have expertise across the universe of issues that could challenge a startup. Through classroom lectures, simulations, and case studies, entrepreneurs and others who work with entrepreneurs, such as lawyers, consultants, and investors, will learn such foundational matters as the various ways startup entities can be structured and the advantages and disadvantages of each in regard to taxation, liability, governance, and growth—plus they will explore both simple and complex capital structures and the implications of each for principals, employees, and investors. Understanding your market is just the beginning. Gain a competitive advantage by getting to know the legal universe that governs it. Read More >

Financial Technology Law, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity

Risk & Compliance: Cybersecurity at the Intersection of Law, Business, and Policy

Every day there are new reports of computer intrusions on a massive scale—from governments down to small businesses, it seems that no network is safe. The prizes for cyber-thieves, who may be tapping into networks from half a world away, or who may already be in your employ, range from valuable trade secrets and intellectual property, to personal data that can be monetized at scale or used for identity theft. The liability and regulatory landscapes are shifting, and the reputational risk is substantial. As a leader in your organization, these are risks you cannot ignore. Read More >

Intellectual Property Law

Essentials of Intellectual Property Law: Strategizing Your IP From a Global Perspective

Expertise in key aspects of US intellectual property law is critical to implementing an effective intellectual property strategy for your global business. Protect your client or organization with a better understanding of IP law through interactive discussions and hands-on analyses of US intellectual property including patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, rights of publicity, and IP issues in social media, and discussion of recent judicial decisions and enforcement proceedings. Read More >

International Tax

Essentials of Tax Law: International Tax Law for the Global Practitioner

Tax law is a complex and evolving area, but one that any global practitioner needs to be comfortable with, as the financial and legal implications for clients and international firms are of utmost importance. Protecting your client or firm through a basic understanding of US tax rules that apply to international transactions is fundamental to your role as counselor. Learning to “speak tax” is essential to your—and your client’s—success. Read More >