Governments and Ministries

Developing Leaders in All Levels of Government

NYU Law IEE partners with global public-sector organizations and governments to help prepare them to meet the demands of the global political economy.

Creating opportunity today – while at the same time building a foundation for the future – requires an investment in training for leaders, present and future, in all levels of government.

Our programs begin at the intersection of people and technology, business and policy. We help design and deliver instruction in key areas of strategic importance to both national and international interests.  Each program is uniquely designed to augment your own training practices by addressing select geopolitical and macroeconomic forces affecting your institution and your citizens.

For instance, the management of cyber security is a shared concern among like-minded nations. Where are the commonalities, what avenues of mutual support are available, and how can information be shared without compromising each nation’s vital information?

In our interconnected world, economic development of countries is also tightly intertwined, and in this regard, sophisticated knowledge of international tax policy can greatly enhance your country’s progress and its role on the world stage.

Similarly, for their part, your diplomatic corps need to understand where national law leaves off and international law begins.  Armed with that expertise, they will be more effective in their roles, whether supporting your country’s economic aims, negotiating international crises, or handling other challenges of diplomatic leadership.

The ministries or agencies in your government that deal with the environment are rightfully concerned with the programs and policies of not just adjacent countries but counterparts on the other side of the globe. Understanding and comparing policies that govern the environmental behavior of the US and other countries with your own can only work to all countries’ mutual benefit.

These are just a few examples of the special expertise you can build by adding NYU Law IEE courses into your organization’s ongoing training of important officials. Other instruction incudes: justice systems in transition, international human rights laws, trade and investment policies and practices, and best practices for a judiciary confronting evolving IP, cyber, and privacy issues.

The programs at NYU Law IEE pinpoint the intersection of business, policy, and strategy and provide your representatives with the deeper context for decision-making that is so critical for sustainable modern institutions.  Contact us to learn more.