Scott, Helen

Helen Scott is the co-director of the Mitchell Jacobson Leadership Program in Law and Business, a program that includes student scholarships, mentoring, research, and curricular innovation at NYU School of Law in cooperation with NYU’s Stern School of Business. She currently co-teaches two of the Law School’s unique “Law & Business of…” courses in the areas of Professional Responsibility and Corporate Governance. Scott developed and administers the Law School’s fellowships in Social Entrepreneurship and in Law, Policy and Innovation. She is currently working with the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship on the development of a teaching certificate in social enterprise. Her seminar, Business Transactions Planning, was the first nonlitigation-based full-scale simulation course at the Law School. Along with Roy Smith of the Stern School, she developed and co-taught Entrepreneurial Finance to law and business students. Scott recently worked with the Kauffman Foundation on a project involving new ways of thinking about and teaching in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation, one result of which is the eLaw section of the website She has served as co-chair of the Listing and Hearing Review Council of the NASDAQ Stock Market. She has also received the Legal Advocate of the Year Award from the US Small Business Administration for her work on the Angel Capital Electronic Network program. Scott remains involved with cutting-edge issues of corporate governance, financial reporting, and market globalization.

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