Global Crises and the Renewed Relevance of Human Rights

A Conversation with the President of the United Nations Human Rights Council

In the third decade of the new millennium, the simultaneity, speed, and depth of existential challenges like climate change, geopolitical instability, war, technological disruption, and intensifying social inequalities are testing the traditional human rights paradigm like never before.

The UN Human Rights Council […]

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NYU Law Forum: NFTs Explained … To the Extent Possible

What is an NFT, and why are people talking about them? In this Forum, Professors Amy Adler and Chris Sprigman—joined by Mitchell F. Chan, an artist and leading NFT innovator—will look at what NFTs do, and just as importantly, what they don’t do. They’ll discuss a number of recent NFT controversies and examine the role […]

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Risk Scoring and Children’s Rights in Chile

The Chilean government, like many others, has deployed predictive modelling software to assess children’s risk of facing harm or abuse. The Childhood Alert System, an “early warning system” based on algorithmic predictions, assigns risk scores to children and adolescents. But this system consistently and disproportionately focuses on low-income families and is deemed merely an exercise […]

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12th Cyber Security Lecture – Cloud Security Megatrends

The NYU Tandon School of Engineering Cyber Security Lecture Series provides an arena for high-level discussion among world-class scholars and practitioners. Led by MS CRS capstone mentor Phil Venables (CISO – Google Cloud), this lecture will be followed by a panel discussion with Cybersecurity Experts offering their own perspectives on cloud adoption, security, and digital […]

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Exploiting Identity: When Insiders Use Diversity to Their Advantage

Diversity is about equality and justice, but sometimes it’s treated as a commodity. A college plasters its website with people of color to look more diverse. A company belatedly adds a woman to an otherwise all-male panel because it’s worried about optics. A person accused of transphobia rattles off the names of their trans friends. […]

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“Inclusivity & Allyship”: A Conversation with Kenji Yoshino

Join APALSA & Law Women next Monday, March 7th, from 4-6pm, titled “Inclusivity & Allyship: A Conversation with Kenji Yoshino.” Professor Yoshino will discuss insights from his recent book, co-authored with David Glasgow, focused on inclusivity, allyship, and related topics.

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